The Society

The Society

The Police and Crime Commissioners Treasurers’ Society (PACCTS) represents the Treasurer (Chief Finance Officer) to each of the 41 Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) covering England and Wales outside of London. It also represents the Treasurer of the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and the Chamberlain of the Common Council of the City of London. The Treasurer has the statutory responsibility for securing proper management of the finances of their police force.

The Society provides a forum for members to share expertise on issues affecting police finance and enables members to speak with a united voice to central government to promote the values and interests of Police and Crime Commissioners.


The Society holds five meetings a year and is supported by the Technical Support Team, who compile a finance report and attends each meeting to update members on current developments in police finance. In addition to the Society’s regular meetings, an annual seminar is held in the autumn.

The Society is funded by a small annual subscription from each member which contributes towards the costs of the Society’s events and the Technical Support Team.

Officers and Lead Advisors

The Society has a number of officers who conduct the affairs and direct the business of the Society. These positions include:

The President represents the Society on the national stage and is supported in their role by the other officers. Elections for these positions are held annually in the spring.

A number of Society members act as lead advisers on various policy areas of interest to the Society. The Society currently has lead advisers for the following areas:

Establishment of the Society

On 22 November 2012 police authorities were abolished and replaced with Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) outside of London. In London, the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime. was established on 16 January 2012 and for the City of London the Common Council continues to perform the role of police authority.

Police authority treasurers were supported by the Police Authority Treasurers’ Society (PATS), which was set up in 1995, with the establishment of police authorities as separate single purpose authorities. Following the abolition of police authorities the Society continued its work to support the Treasurers of these replacement bodies but was renamed as the Police and Crime Commissioners Treasurers’ Society (PACCTS).